Homerun Products is looking for hardworking sales agents who know how to have fun selling. The culture usually appeals to people who are self-starters and understand how to close a sale.

HRP is built on providing great retail products. Our signature product is EuroCAST cookware by Berghoff. EuroCAST has a proven history. Our Agents benefit from being able to sell in a variety of popular retail environments. The privilege of selling our products to military personnel on base is an example.

Once hired, our Agents receive on the job training by proven sales professionals. Agents are also strengthened by a responsive support staff. The success of our Sales Agents is the fuel that drives our company's success.

This is a real job with unique features. How does working ten days in a row and then being able to take the next seven days off sound? Weekly payroll when working. If an agent proves successful at closing sales, they may earn the opportunity to work an event outside their state of residence. HRP is not a multi-level organization. There are no buy-in fees or products stored in the basement. This is a real job.

The sales industry has a reputation of promising and rarely delivering to people they employ. Homerun Products strives to break this tradition. We operate on a two way promise system. Our agents promise to close sales and we promise to take care of them with the resources available to us.

If this feels like a good fit, awesome! You are needed and wanted. Please complete the information below and submit. A member of our Talent Acquisition team will contact you the next business day for an interview.