Warranty Policies

Glass lids are not covered by the Manufacturer Warranty if damaged due to use, care, or dropped.

Warranty Claims Programs and Policies

Homerun Products warranty programs enhance our manufacturing partners' warranties and are designed to ensure maximum value for the investment. Becoming familiar with these concepts, tips and, policies will help ensure a delightful, hassle-free experience.

For non-EuroCAST cookware products, please refer to their product pages for care and warranty information.

EuroCAST Warranty Policies and Programs

Let’s start by understanding two concepts: Defects and Damage.

Defects: Defects generally are out of the box imperfections related to shape, the removable handle, the silver ferrous plate or the cooking surface. These defects usually occur during the manufacturing or shipping process. Manufacturing defects for EuroCAST products are rare. It is suggested to examine each piece of cookware following purchase.

If the defect is a result of a manufacturing error AND reported within two (2) years from your purchase date, we will ship you a new replacement at no additional cost. If you purchased a set, we will replace the defective item(s) rather than the entire set. This is our Manufacturer Warranty. 

The cookware is durable, not indestructible. When the cookware is properly cared for, the ceramic and titanium surface should provide years of easy cooking and cleaning performance. Become familiar with the EuroCAST pan care instructions.

Over time a pan's cooking surface may experience a brown discoloration. The same is also true for the exterior sides of a pan. This may be a sign of using excessive heat during cooking. EuroCAST cookware is not designed to cook on high heat for extended time. Doing so will hurt the pan's performance. Discoloration is not covered under our Manufacturer's Warranty.

What about cosmetic defects? Cosmetic defects include discoloration and scratches on the outside (non-cooking area) of your cookware. Cosmetics defects do not affect the cookware’s performance and usually occur when pan care guidelines are not followed. 

Damage: Damage is the result of misuse which includes neglecting our pan use and care instructions. For example, damage that results from:

  • The most common problems result when continuously cooking with high heat. The Ferrous plate eliminates the need to overheat the cookware.
  • Using metal tools with your cookware
  • Failing to remove a pan from heat after use
  • Cleaning with abrasives or in a dishwasher

Damage that results from these types of misuse are NOT covered by our manufacturing defect warranty but still qualifies for our lifetime replacement program (see below.)

Be sure to read the Product Care page. This will help insure the value and performance of EuroCAST for years to come.

If the damage is the result of improper use or care, Homerun-Products will offer you our “Return and Replace Program.” What is that? Glad you asked! Read on to find out.

What to do if your pan has become damaged?

First of all, do not panic or berate yourself. Cooking is a full-contact sport and, if you cook on a regular basis, chances are you are going to damage your EuroCAST cookware at some point. Truth be told, we use our EuroCAST cookware just about every day and sometimes grab a metal spatula when we should grab a silicone version.

That is why we created the EuroCAST Lifetime Replacement program.

The EuroCAST Replacement program enables you to purchase brand new replacement(s) for 50 percent of the lowest current pricing… no judgement and no questions for as long as you own your EuroCAST cookware. Replace a single pot or pan or replace your whole set. You can also use the Lifetime Replacement program as many times as you wish.