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EuroCAST Professional 12.25” Chinese Wok

EuroCAST Professional 12.25” Chinese Wok

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The best Chinese wok ever made for heat induction cooking, this wok is fun to use but super-easy to clean. If you’re looking for a healthy solution, stop looking now. This Wok will cook all your lean meats and vegetables to perfection but with no grease or oil — unless you want just that right amount  extra flavor. Get dinner done in a flash and and serve it right on the table.

NOTE: This lid also fits on the 12” fry pan.

PFOA-free ceramic and titanium cooking surface. Ovenproof to 500 degrees. Remove handles before placing in oven.

Cleaning: Wash by hand with mild, non-acidic soap, warm water and non-abrasive cloth or sponge. See our pan care guidelines

Warranty: Two-year warranty against manufacturing defects. Life time return and replace for 50 percent of original purchase price. 

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